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Mural Dedication News Article (Fayetteville, TN)


University of Tennessee System President Randy Boyd made welcoming remarks at last Friday’s “Everywhere You Look, UT” mural celebration. “Bringing the opportunity of affordable access to higher education in lower-middle Tennessee has been our goal during much of the past year,” said Boyd, adding that the mural is a reminder of UT’s impact in Lincoln [...]

Mural Dedication News Article (Fayetteville, TN)2021-06-01T14:58:46-05:00

Illinois Stories Featured Article


Had a great time walking around downtown Springfield (IL) with Mark McDonald discussing the process and history of the Farmers Market Mural and the Frank Lloyd Wright mural, as well as the community mural in Brown County and the Whitetail Properties mural in Pittsfield, IL. Mark and his crew just does a fabulous job with [...]

Illinois Stories Featured Article2021-06-03T08:51:44-05:00

University of Tennessee Mural Campaign Extended to 2030


"We want to have a UT mural in every county in the state!" When I heard those words spoken by the marketing director of UT to the local Bristol, TN news reporter while I sat nearby cleaning my brushes after just finishing the most recent UT mural/ sign painting, it took me a minute to [...]

University of Tennessee Mural Campaign Extended to 20302021-06-01T18:39:03-05:00

Grab-A-Java Partnership wins 2020 Best Public Art Award


2020 Best Public Art/ Mural (Illinois Times, Springfield,IL) Always an honor to work with our good friends at Grab-A-Java on these fun and creative (and sometimes tongue in cheek) banners. Over the past few years, we have knocked out a few of these that have become locally (and partially nationally) famous. Very happy that they [...]

Grab-A-Java Partnership wins 2020 Best Public Art Award2021-06-01T14:49:43-05:00

Joe Crain Banner (Grab-a-Java) Goes Viral


Working closely with our good friends at Grab-A-Java in Springfield, we have come up with a few creative banners commemorating pop culture, events, and social issues. This all comes with great love and admiration of the original banners that were created over the many years by the original owner of Grab-A-Java who painted countless banners [...]

Joe Crain Banner (Grab-a-Java) Goes Viral2021-06-01T15:15:14-05:00

Certified Angus Beef “Brand the Barn” Campaign 2018


In 2018 we began a whirlwind marketing campaign with Certified Angus Beef®  as part of 40th anniversary ‘Brand the Barn‘ initiative. The project consisted of painting the CAB logo on 40 barns in 27 states from March - October. It was an amazing adventure and wonderful time getting to work with and meet so many [...]

Certified Angus Beef “Brand the Barn” Campaign 20182020-01-06T21:22:47-06:00

2018 Partnership with Certified Angus Beef


I am very excited to announce that FreeSky Studios will be working in partnership with Certified Angus Beef, traveling around the United States painting 40 barns with the CAB logo as part of their 'Brand the Barn' celebration. Our first barn is NEXT WEEK, starting off in South Carolina, then jumping over to Georgia, Arkansas [...]

2018 Partnership with Certified Angus Beef2020-01-02T11:18:46-06:00

LCU Restorer – Magazine Article


A few months ago, my wife and I were interviewed for an article in The Restorer magazine for the college she works for (Lincoln Christian University). I always find it interesting that anyone would find our "story" unique and interesting enough to write about, let alone publicize. I know EVERYONE who walks in faith has [...]

LCU Restorer – Magazine Article2020-01-02T11:18:46-06:00

Frank Lloyd Wright Mural is a GO!


I am honored to announce that I will be beginning the production of this beautiful Frank Lloyd Wright mural at 427 East Monroe in downtown Springfield, IL starting...NOW! After another 2 year process of procuring permissions, gaining rights and developing and spelling out all the legal hoopla needed for a project like this, I finally [...]

Frank Lloyd Wright Mural is a GO!2020-01-02T11:18:46-06:00