“We want to have a UT mural in every county in the state!”

When I heard those words spoken by the marketing director of UT to the local Bristol, TN news reporter while I sat nearby cleaning my brushes after just finishing the most recent UT mural/ sign painting, it took me a minute to realize…that’s a LOT of locations! For those that do not know, Tennessee has 95 counties. At the time of that interview, we were on county number four…or maybe five so in my head, the quick math of it equated to me just moving to Tennessee for the next decade. Once the dust of that statement settled and we realized the plan was to SLOWLY paint UT murals through the state over the next 9 years, my anxiety leveled off and the idea of getting to work with and spend time in one of the most beautiful state’s I have ever seen for such a long period of time settled in, I began to realize how humbling and exciting this partnership was.

Definitely stay tuned and follow along on all our social media channels as we travel across Tennessee meeting some of the best people God put on this earth, sharing our adventures, travels, wildlife, BBQ, and experiences along the way. It’s going to be quite an exciting adventure…