Project Description

VBX Mt. Everest Prop Build

Uhh…yeah. When your church asks “Can you build a mountain?”, how do you answer that? It was quite a project and messy but it really was fun and definitely something I had never done before. I have worked on and built parade floats before so it was basically the same concept, only bigger and more realistic.

The fabrication consisted of a lot of wood framing, chicken wire, staples, nails and then covering the whole thing with layers of sheets soaked in a watered down drywall mud. Once that was dry I painted the whole thing with a variety of spray and spatter painting.

The final piece was actually 3 pieces that fit together like a puzzle so that it could be transported into the church. It almost fit but I did not account for the door wedge in me measuring so the middle base had to be cut and squeezed in. Surprisingly, it squeezed in very well after that and set up perfectly.