Project Description

Incredible time in an incredible community, working with, researching, designing, discovering and implementing this wonderful community showpiece for Fayetteville, Tennessee. Every aspect holds meaning and memories for these residents and the amount of pride expressed during this project was overwhelming. It was a distinct honor to work with and spend time with this community…


Troy Freeman with FreeSky Studio is a true joy and pleasure to work with. My husband and I were connected to Troy through the “Everywhere You Look, UT” campaign through the University of Tennessee. After research and communicating with Troy on his past work, we decided to commission our own mural as well. A dream of mine had always been to have a “retro postcard” mural somewhere in our small town of Fayetteville, TN. When we purchased an historic corner building in 2019 on our downtown square the dream felt attainable. Fast forward to April 2021 and Troy made my dream a REALITY. I couldn’t have been more pleased with his work. He treated it more than a “job” but with great care and attention. That did not go unnoticed or under-appreciated. I was thankful for Troy’s talent for bringing our vision to life. However, I also appreciated his guidance. He was very open minded to our design but helped with making sure I understood what would look its best. TRUST TROY! I am not artistic and SO happy that I trusted Troy on many things to give us the best mural he could. I HIGHLY recommend Troy Freeman and Freesky Studios! You will NOT be disappointed.



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