Project Description

brown county community mural

Artist Notes: What a fun project! I really loved every aspect of this project; researching the community, visiting local landmarks, meeting and talking with local historians, designing the piece, painting it, and especially getting to meet so many wonderful people while working on it. Every aspect of this piece represents the past, present and future of Brown County and Mt. Sterling and it was a distinct honor to produce this for them.

Buck Painting Timelapse

Farm & Turkey Painting Timelapse

Brown County and the City of Mt. Sterling couldn’t be more proud of the mural Troy painted on the side of the Hagel 1891 restaurant! He took the raw ideas of a couple of people and created a piece that represents the heart and fabric of our community. We hope to have him back someday.

Vada Yingling, City Administrator

Photo Gallery

The historic courthouse was painted from an old postcard. It had burned in the late 1800’s and the top section was not replaced so it was very hard finding an original photo to work from as this piece was not replaced once it was rebuilt.


whitetail deer mural painting

The king of the forest! Brown County is home to some of the world’s best trophy Whitetail Deer hunting. I love nature and having been born and raised in Central Illinois, painting this big guy was a true honor.


brown county DOT food truck and pottery mural painting

Mt. Sterling is home to DOT Foods; the nation’s largest food industry redistributor so adding one of the many semis you see EVERY day was a no-brainer. Brown County also has some of the most sought after utilitarian pottery in United States and at one time boasted hundreds of potters throughout the county. “305” = Brown County is approx 305 square miles of land.


midwest foliage mural painting

Ahhhh nature. This foliage is so iconic to Central Illinois and is a part of anyone who has lived in Brown County. From the cone flowers, to shasta daisys, leafy undergrowth, mayapples, trillium, and (of course) those awesome morel mushrooms!!!


midwest clover flower mural painting

More iconic Midwest natural beauty!


farm harvesting mural painting

Central Illinois = farming. No escaping it. We feed the world.


turkey hunting mural

Beyond deer hunting, turkey hunting is another major perk for the area. I can’t tell you how many of these guys I saw on my commute back and forth while working here.


Tiger Bill horse mural

Brown County has a unique history of harness racing at it’s county fair and Tiger Bill was a very well known part of that. Was cool to learn about this one and have the opportunity to paint it.


General Jacob Brown mural

OK. General Brown probably did not ever get a lemon ice cream cone at the Tastee Treat in Mt. Sterling, but if he was alive during out time, I am sure he would have.

Brown County Community Mural Painting

Such an incredible honor to do this project. I loved every minute of it! FYI (they are planning on cutting that tree out and planting some low growth bushes in it’s place. I will update these photos once that is done for sure!)