Project Description

logo painting ohio

In 2018 we began a whirlwind marketing campaign with Certified Angus Beef®  as part of 40th anniversary Brand the Barn‘ initiative. The project consisted of painting the CAB logo on 40 barns in 27 states from March – October. It was an amazing adventure and wonderful time getting to work with and meet so many great Angus ranchers and become a part of the Certified Angus Beef® family.  The campaign was such a hit that additional barns and distributor locations were added for 2019 and continue today.

Check out Brand the Barn website for full details of this awesome project.

2018 Locations Map

certified angus beef brand the narn 2018 locations

Campaign Overview and Interview

Project Wrap-up at Barn #40

Campaign Promo Video

“The American Barn” Companion Book Promo


Through others comments and my own observations, I remain astounded by not only your skill in effortlessly painting the logo, but also by your positive attitude and way with the farming and ranching families that chose to engage this effort. It was a pleasure hearing them compliment the fine painter we are blessed to have on our team.

certified angus beefJohn Stika, President, Certified Angus Beef®

In addition to being an extremely competent and flexible artist, Troy is simply the “right” person for the Brand the Barn campaign. Adversity (i.e. rain) just meant that Troy had to be “more” flexible than usual. He never missed a deadline but above and beyond Troy “painting”, is his genuine approach with our Barn Owners – the people that make up our brand. He engages with their family, shares their story and gets invited into their home during the time he is in town, and even for upcoming holidays! Our brand is more than a logo; our yearlong painting project more than painting – it’s been about connecting with the people that make our brand the best. Troy has been an integral part of that connection and success.

certified angus beefSarah Morehouse, Project Manager, , Certified Angus Beef®

My family had the pleasure of owning one of the barns that Troy painted as part of Certified Angus Beef’s 40th Anniversary “Brand the Barn”. Troy’s ability and talent are without question. Yet, the surprise for us, was what a genuinely great guy he is! We had a rather large audience while he painted (around 250 people) and his interaction with children and adults alike, made our event. He’s just a really nice, funny and interesting person to be around.

certified angus beefAdam Jones, Crooked Creek Angus, St. Francis, Kansas (Barn #20)

The Swanson family would like to thank you for your time and talent, promoting the best brand in the world. You, Billie, Ginnie, and the CAB team became instant friends with our whole family, memories we will cherish forever. We greatly appreciate your hard work and commitment promoting all of us across the US.

certified angus beefThe Swanson Family, Shipwheel Cattle, Chinook, Montana (Barn #22)

CAB was lucky to have found you, not only because of your amazing talent but your personality and professionalism is something we will never forget. CAB truly picked a gem when they found you for their project.

certified angus beefSingle Tree Farms, Charlotte, Michigan (Barn #28)

CAM Ranches holds you and Certified Angus Beef®in very high esteem. Thank you again for your dedication in the barn painting and participation in the entire CAB celebration. You will always be welcome at CAM Ranches.

certified angus beefAndrew McPeake, CAM Ranches, Arnoldsville, Georgia (Barn #5)

What a great attitude you exhibited through several rough weather days while painting Barns #8 and #9. We certainly have admired your work of art and your tenacity to complete the work. Thank you for being dedicated and delightful to work with on this project. Stop by any time.

certified angus beefOlson Land & Cattle, Hereford, Texas (Barn #8)

Through the night, rain and a bunch of inquisitive onlookers, you continued to paint the great CAB logo on our barn and share your story with all our luncheon guest who were so intrigued with your ability. You and your passion for doing a great job no matter the situation will long be remembered by all who had the pleasure of getting to know you on the Bradley 3 Ranch.

certified angus beefMinnie Lou Bradley & Family, Bradley 3 Ranch, Memphis, Texas (Barn #10)

The logo has become a landmark around here and it is a constant reminder to us of what the goal is every day we start to work. Even more important than the barn painting was the opportunity to make a new friend. Each ranch family that has had a chance to watch paint dry feels the same way. Thank you for sharing talent and your year with us.

certified angus beefJohn & Gaye Pfeiffer, Mulhall, Oklahoma (Barn #11)

Photo Gallery

Barn #1: Ocala, Florida

angus cattle

I had a few inquisitive guests.


sign painting florida

Not only did I get to paint the CAB logo but I also helped REALLY “Brand the Barn” for this family with some 6′ lettering which can be seen by anyone driving down I-75.


florida alligator

When in Florida…


Barn #2: Oakley, California


A lot of cattle, eat a lot of hay.


california ranch

The Dal Porto ranch epitomizes the term “vista”.


brisket and burnt ends

Had some VERY good brisket and (my favorite) burnt ends. Oh man, look at that bark!


sign painting california

It is always nice to work in the shade with grass beneath your feet.


logo painting california

Barn #2 Complete


Barn #4: Spring Ridge, South Carolina

brand the barn painting group photo

The Yon family, friends, and neighbors I met were incredibly welcoming and inviting…and that South Carolina BBQ is worth the trip!


brand the barn painting

I managed to talk Mrs. Yon into lending her time and helping me fill paint some red. It was great meeting and talking with her and learning of all the awesome things she has been doing in the community with her artistic abilities. A kindred spirit!

barn painter certified angus beef

corrugated metal barn painting certofied angus beef

The final label goes on “Barn #4” and this one is done…


Barn #9: Hereford, Texas

logopainting in west texas

Barn #40: Wooster, Ohio

sign painting troy freemantroy freeman sign paintinglogopainting on metal in georgia