Project Description

retro garage gas station mural painting freesky studios


Super sweet paneled mural project working for a private owner in Waverly, IL on this retro garage / gas station mural. We worked in a couple of his sweet rides into the design and also the name of an old steakhouse that they used to own. I do love working with fun folks like this, getting to know them and being able to design and paint something that brings them joy and becomes a local treasure. We also designed this with interchangeable magnetic quotes so they can swap out what the guy is saying for special occasions and holidays.

He said that they have folks from all over the world stopping by that travel down Route 66 that have had their photos taken in front of it. If you ever pass through Waverly, IL, see if you can find this baby and get your photo taken, too!



retro GTO mural painting

hotrod GTO mural painting free sky studios

white caddilac retro mural painting

retro gas station worker mural painting

I had a really good assistant visit me on this job!

retro gas station mural painting troy freeman

retro garage mural painting

retro garage mural painting freeky studios

retro garage mural painting shell station

shell station mural painting letters