Project Description

penny lane mural painting panel installation

Installing the panels…”I pretty much had free reign on this one and just started in designing characters and components, working with the owners to get everything they wanted added including a caricature of the original owner (Joe Sr.) in the foreground and the iconic Penny Lane dude in the center. It really just took on a life of it’s own and we ended up adding more pieces on the fly, which is always fun. The whole thing is primarily painted with spray paint with as much of it being UV reactive as possible. You definitely need to drive by after dark and check this one out when it is all lit up!”

penny lane fantasy mural work in progress

Filling in some of the basic shapes and colors…

penny lane springfield illinois mural painting freesky studios

A bit more progress

penny lane muralist troy freeman

blocking in colors for the foreground

penny lane springfield fantasy mural

still more progress ( I love that mushroom house!)

penny lane mural painting troy freeman

Painting the little alien dude

mural painter troy freeman detail painting penny lane in springfield illinois

adding the details

penny lane springfield il fantasy mural

The completed project! 40′ x 15′ tall

penny lane mural springfield illinois

The completed left section…

penny lane springfield illinois mural freesky studios

“Whoooo are you?!” Absalom! That’s who!

penny lane springfield mural detail

Signed, sealed, and delivered! (I even like the drip on the flower)

penny lane springfield Joe

The original owner (Joe Sr.) was immortalized along with the names of his grandkids on the rocks below him.

penny lane springfield mural alien

Little alien dude. He is 100% painted with UV reactive paint.

Penny lane springfield illinois mural free sky studios

The center section hides a lot of little critters and creatures…

penny lane springfield mural detail

A wild little forest puck

penny lane fantasy mural detail

A little Korok and jungle rock guy

Penny lane fantasy forest mural

The right side is pretty wild…

penny lane mural detail warrior fairy

A badass warrior fairy chasing a little glow fairy

Penny lane abe lincoln mural

Abe in the woods and “Nerfel” the gnome

penny lane mural painting trippy frog

A psychedelic frog RIBBIT!

penny lane mural springfield illinois

DL and Greg kept me pretty entertained the entire time I was working on this mural.

penny lane Harvey bbq

Harvey cooks up some mean BBQ for the crew. I was fed well!