Project Description

A lot of planning and a lot of detail went into turning this 45′ tall brick silo into this retro Budweiser can graphics. The detail in the header alone was quite daunting but persistence paid off and now it stands tall and proud as a landmark along Highway 22 just east of Fort Smith, Arkansas for everyone to see.

I do have a lot of timelapse videos and media coverage of this project that I have not had
time to process and post yet. Been a busy year but please check back soon…


budweiser silo painting fort smith

In progress. You can see some of the sketch lines for the AH seal and brand at the top in these photos.

budweiser can silo mural painting

We used a 2 part epoxy paint, Pantone matched to Budweiser specs so this silo will be colorfast and bright for a long, long time.






Budweiser can silo mural painting final

All done! Crazy thing is, I had to paint the same thing twice so the label shows on both sides. One facing North, one facing South.


Budwesier silo painting fort smith final

North facing side. You can see my little work table on the ground in this photo for scale.


Bud silo mural painting detail

Close up detail of one of the wings in the header. This design changed so often, it was tough to choose the right one but, with a lot of research we nailed down the correct design.


troy freeman mural painter

“Overall, this was a super fun and challenging project. The actual painting was not so bad but it just took a lot of planning. None of the graphics were projected and the entire thing was done using a lot of math, CAD program, rulers, tape measures, and levels. My background in CAD and graphic design really paid off on this one. Let’s do some more of these! Give me a call…” – Troy Freeman