Pole Barn Flag Painting

It was a distinct honor to be able to paint our American Flag on this pull barn for a family that has done so much in service to our country and continues to serve as full time Springfield Police Officers. Painting this flag for them pales in comparison to all they have done in defense [...]

American Flag Grain Bin – Lone Tree, Iowa

Forever May She Wave... Nothing fills you with the true spirit of America like painting an 18' x 5' American flag on a grain bin out in the country of Southeast Iowa. As farmers drove by hauling grain from the harvest, I was blessed to be able to create this piece of Americana for [...]

Oregon Landscape Fence Mural

She Flies with Her Own Wings If you know what that means, you know I researched my subject. Love this mural. It is/was a true labor of love and something I took my time on. Over 120' of corrugated aluminum fencing full of detailed forest, ferns, shorelines, ocean, mountains...everything a trip to Oregon needs. It's [...]

Blue Sky Landscape Quick Painting

I had a couple hours to spare... I took my paints to this dark corner or our basement and painted a quick hilly landscape to lighten the space up. Fun, quick project. I even shot a couple time laspe videos of it:

Hacienda Interior Landscape Mural

Hermosa de Casa de Client Such a calming and colorful scene added to this client's kitchen wall. It was such a joy painting this Mexican hacienda mural. They provided me with photos of a painting to work from. I took elements of it and extended the design to fit within the space provided and ended [...]