Winter Window Painting – Taco Gringo (North Grande)

The 3rd and final window spread for Taco Gringo at it's North Grande location in Springfield, IL. Welcome the return of the Taco Polar Bear!

Happy Holidays Window Painting – Taco Gringo (South Grande)

Yo Ho HO!!! Had a fun day painting this window wrap on the east and south windows for Taco Gringo on South Grande in Springfield, Illinois. Once the Holidays are over, I will remove the "Happy Holidays" text and they can keep this up till mid February... click any image below to see the full [...]

Polar Bear & Penguin Window Painting – Taco Gringo

Chilly Willy and Coca-Cola may have influenced the design on this 5 window spread a little bit but I really like how this it turned out. It's always a nice complement when you are packing up and someone asks if it is a sticker!

Myanmar Hope Charity Dinner Performance Painting

Artist Troy Freeman with the Final Painting (#GoCards) Mingalaba! For many years our family has been proud supporters of a wonderful, homegrown charity named Myanmar Hope (or "MyHope" for short) that helps support Burmese Christian pastors, boards and runs a Christian boarding school in Yangon, helps local farmers grow and sustain food, builds [...]

Warehouse Landscape Mural – Goodwill Industries

A Vista View When approached by the Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries to design something to wrap around the entire 150' back wall of their warehouse where dozens of people work separating out countless clothing and media items, my immediate thought was to "bring the outside in". Rather than looking at drab walls, let's paint [...]

Down on the Farm Mural Painting – Wall 2

Yee Haw! This is the second wall section for this cartoon daycare mural at Springfield Christian Preschool. This one focused a little more on the foreground animals. Such a fun little painting. I do love what I do! Be sure to check out the first wall section of this scene here... CLICK ANY PHOTO BELOW [...]

Down on the Farm Mural

Yee Haw! Another fun mural for Springfield Christian Daycare. This one features some friendly folks from down on the farm going about their day. Farmer Diss is plowing his field while Fergus looks on. Little Cowsy is going for a stroll while Mr. Cat is aboout to steal some apples. Oh no!!! Look for my [...]

Transportation Daycare Mural

Cute, detailed landscape mural full of various forms of transportation on this daycare hallway wall. This is the first scene of 6 for Springfield Christian Preschool and if you look close, you may or may not see me walking with my daughter on her tricycle in this one...

Oregon Landscape Fence Mural

She Flies with Her Own Wings If you know what that means, you know I researched my subject. Love this mural. It is/was a true labor of love and something I took my time on. Over 120' of corrugated aluminum fencing full of detailed forest, ferns, shorelines, ocean, mountains...everything a trip to Oregon needs. It's [...]

Blue Sky Landscape Quick Painting

I had a couple hours to spare... I took my paints to this dark corner or our basement and painted a quick hilly landscape to lighten the space up. Fun, quick project. I even shot a couple time laspe videos of it: