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Barn #4 – Yon Family Farm – Ridge Spring, South Carolina


The Yon family, friends, and neighbors were incredibly welcoming and inviting. Coming from the cold March Midwest weather, the 50 degree days felt like summer; as you can tell from this photo where everyone is wearing coats except me. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and stay with the Yon family and have to say [...]

Pole Barn Flag Painting

It was a distinct honor to be able to paint our American Flag on this pull barn for a family that has done so much in service to our country and continues to serve as full time Springfield Police Officers. Painting this flag for them pales in comparison to all they have done in defense [...]

Barn Door Logo Lettering

Another gorgeous day in Iowa working for some wonderful people. This aluminum barn door is now branded with the farm name in a smooth brush script font for everyone to see. Always great to spend the day outside in Central Iowa working for good people.

American Flag Grain Bin – Lone Tree, Iowa

Forever May She Wave... Nothing fills you with the true spirit of America like painting an 18' x 5' American flag on a grain bin out in the country of Southeast Iowa. As farmers drove by hauling grain from the harvest, I was blessed to be able to create this piece of Americana for [...]

Gym Logo Painting

Customized, Tough as Nails Logo Painting ...on the gym floor and corrugated aluminum walls of this gym really made this court look amazing. We worked with the client to design the layout showing exactly what the final product would look like. The final product included an 18'(w) logo on the wall, two 15'(w) logos [...]

Oregon Landscape Fence Mural

She Flies with Her Own Wings If you know what that means, you know I researched my subject. Love this mural. It is/was a true labor of love and something I took my time on. Over 120' of corrugated aluminum fencing full of detailed forest, ferns, shorelines, ocean, mountains...everything a trip to Oregon needs. It's [...]

Syngenta Barn Logo Painting

This job had me painting 8' (h) letters and a 21' x 11' (h) logo for Northrup King (Syngenta) Soybeans. Great weather allowed me to knock this job out in just a few days with the real trick being, painting through the peaks and valley's on yet another corrugated aluminum base. CLICK ON AN IMAGE [...]

Roof Painting – Top Cat’s Chill & Grill

Cat on a hot tin roof? Definitely! I was very fortunate to have good sunscreen and have my powerwasher available for this job. It was a warm one but the logo and lettering turned out very nice. Not an easy thing painting a round logo on an angled corrugated aluminum roof but I actually really [...]

Golden Harvest Aluminum Barn Logo Painting


120' (w) x 20'(h) Corrugated Aluminum Barn with 8' to 14' lettering. This is a GREAT way to advertise!