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Farmers Market Mural

"From the vast blue Midwestern skies juxtaposed against the angular rows of fields to the vivid colors of the harvest, it is my hope that this mural stimulates the same love and admiration for the local farmer and our land that I have to everyone who views it." CLICK ON AN IMAGE BELOW TO SEE [...]

Massive Mountain Stage Prop Fabrication

VBX Mt. Everest Prop Build Uhh...yeah. When your church asks "Can you build a mountain?", how do you answer that? It was quite a project and messy but it really was fun and definitely something I had never done before. I have worked on and built parade floats before so it was basically the same [...]

Cancer Survivors Picnic – Pathway to Healing

This commissioned art was started during the 13th Annual Celebration of Life dinner for local cancer survivors through St. John's Hospital, Memorial Medical Center, SIU School of Medicine, Springfield Clinic, and the National Cancer Society. The final concept is titled “The Path to Healing” and the image represents the healing energy and connection being absorbed [...]

Dragon Head Foam Sculpt Fabrication

Doesn't every Christmas production have a Dragon? I do love doing work for my church. This one had me scratching my head until  saw the Christmas production where the stage crew did an amazing birth of Christ scene using the dragon head and accompanying wings, neck and legs for a very dramatic, black light performance. [...]

Space Rocket School Mural Painting

Blast off! To tie all the walls together in the Outer Space Mural for McClernand Grade School, I designed and painted this cool rocket ship mural painting with plumes of exhaust smoke climbing up the walls and the landscape below it. We really had to whip this one together so as Erin (Art Education Coordinator [...]

Outer Space Mural – McClernard Grade School

Stellar Grade School Mural Magic SPRINGFIELD SHAREFEST 2013!!! This year, I had the joy of coming up with a design and painting something in the library of McClernand Middle School in Springfield, IL. The room had very interesting architecture and a big 5'(h) bulkhead wrapping around the entire room that was already painted a nice [...]

Gym Mascot Painting – Harvard Park Elementary


Creating School Pride. As part of the very first Springfield Sharefest, I was honored to work with the school to envision and redesign the paint scheme for the gymnasium. I also was quite honored to design and help brand the school by creating the new mascot for the school. Below are pictures of the original [...]