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Massive Mountain Stage Prop Fabrication

VBX Mt. Everest Prop Build Uhh...yeah. When your church asks "Can you build a mountain?", how do you answer that? It was quite a project and messy but it really was fun and definitely something I had never done before. I have worked on and built parade floats before so it was basically the same [...]

Cancer Survivors Picnic – Pathway to Healing

This commissioned art was started during the 13th Annual Celebration of Life dinner for local cancer survivors through St. John's Hospital, Memorial Medical Center, SIU School of Medicine, Springfield Clinic, and the National Cancer Society. The final concept is titled “The Path to Healing” and the image represents the healing energy and connection being absorbed [...]

Dragon Head Foam Sculpt Fabrication

Doesn't every Christmas production have a Dragon? I do love doing work for my church. This one had me scratching my head until  saw the Christmas production where the stage crew did an amazing birth of Christ scene using the dragon head and accompanying wings, neck and legs for a very dramatic, black light performance. [...]