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Holiday Window Painting – Goodwill Industries

...and Goodwill toward man! A big "Thank You" to Land of Lincoln Goodwill Industries for allowing us to create this fun and festive Holiday window painting for the Springfield, IL store on Wabash Avenue. We had a fabulous time coming up with the design and producing this. Never have I worked on a job [...]

Down on the Farm Mural Painting – Wall 2

Yee Haw! This is the second wall section for this cartoon daycare mural at Springfield Christian Preschool. This one focused a little more on the foreground animals. Such a fun little painting. I do love what I do! Be sure to check out the first wall section of this scene here... CLICK ANY PHOTO BELOW [...]

Down on the Farm Mural

Yee Haw! Another fun mural for Springfield Christian Daycare. This one features some friendly folks from down on the farm going about their day. Farmer Diss is plowing his field while Fergus looks on. Little Cowsy is going for a stroll while Mr. Cat is aboout to steal some apples. Oh no!!! Look for my [...]

Alphabet Daycare Mural

What a great opportunity to be creative and come up with this series of fun and colorful characters to line the hallway at Springfield Christian Preschool. Each character I basically came up with on the spot and tried to give each one a little playful spirit. I hope these little people look back and remember [...]

The Shallow Sea Daycare Mural

A 15' wall section filled with cute and lively sea creatures greeting the little people as they come in to school. CLICK ON AN IMAGE BELOW TO SEE THE FULL GALLERY

Transportation Daycare Mural

Cute, detailed landscape mural full of various forms of transportation on this daycare hallway wall. This is the first scene of 6 for Springfield Christian Preschool and if you look close, you may or may not see me walking with my daughter on her tricycle in this one...

Blue Sky Landscape Quick Painting

I had a couple hours to spare... I took my paints to this dark corner or our basement and painted a quick hilly landscape to lighten the space up. Fun, quick project. I even shot a couple time laspe videos of it:

Space Rocket School Mural Painting

Blast off! To tie all the walls together in the Outer Space Mural for McClernand Grade School, I designed and painted this cool rocket ship mural painting with plumes of exhaust smoke climbing up the walls and the landscape below it. We really had to whip this one together so as Erin (Art Education Coordinator [...]

Gross Motor Room Playroom Mural

Active indoor play area painting On rainy days, these kids need a bit of brightness and fun to keep them going. This room started out as just a bunch of drywall and a gray rock climbing wall. In just a few weeks, we transformed the entire room into what you see below. CLICK ON ANY [...]